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Jul 25, 2017 · David B. Samadi, MD Urologic Oncology Expert and Robotic Surgeon. Sex after prostate surgery is very possible and enjoyable for most men. Dr. Samadi’s robotic prostate surgery, SMART Surgery, was explicitly designed to spare the tiny nerve bundles surrounding the prostate in order to preserve sexual potency.. Men who undergo Dr. Samadi’s robotic prostate surgery have a reasonable 4.4/5(183). Erectile dysfunction can make thoughts of having sex after prostate removal a distant dream. But this comprehensive guide can help you regain strength, rebuild confidence, and return to a healthy and satisfying sex life.

And any man who develops it can still enjoy great sex — including deeply satisfying orgasms — as long as he is willing to stop viewing an erection as a prerequisite. Most treatments are equally effective. Assuming annual checkups, prostate cancer is likely to be diagnosed early, before it . Great Sex and Satisfying Orgasms Without Erection. All the attention on erection after prostate cancer treatment obscures a key fact: Men don’t need erections to have satisfying sex and orgasms.

Sex After Radical Prostatectomy New Topic Reply. 1 2 3 My doctor told me no sex of any kind for six weeks to allow this sphincter area to heal. If it tears, because of exuberant sex or the muscle contractions of orgasm, you could develop an internal leak. I had one anyway, without the sex, and had to have the catheter in for a month.