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"Fuck I have to pee!" Fluttershy said as she was fucking some shit up in the VaginaGooch meadows on the outskirts of Ponyville. "I can't fuckin' pee out here! This is nature! And I fuckin' love nature. I love it more than I love my razor-bladed dildo!" yelled Fluttershy, her mouth looking like a swollen horse cunt. However, between annoying customers, clueless co-workers, and a boss who probably would have popped a blood vessel if he got any more angry, I had to hold it in for about 4 hours. And behold, the idea for this story was born. I swear, the places that my mind goes And before anyone asks, no, I have never been tipped in a porta-potty before.

"Heh, what's the chances that all of us have to pee so bad at the same time though?" chuckles Kelly, sitting in the left chair, smiling as she tries to find some amusement with the situation. Kelly, unlike Jessica, wore a white tank-top with a matching pleated white skirt, her un-styled hair reaching her shoulders. "No jokes please.". "Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee." She keeps murmuring to herslef. Although it is a bit odd that we've been flying for about 2 1/2 hours now and the seat belt light hasn't turned on yet, I'm very thankful it hasnt. Because my girlfriend is so hot right now, and she's about to make me pee my pants. Or cum. I Reviews: 4.

Before he said a peep, she continued. "Except, in this case, it'll be a challenge since you have a smaller target to work with, but I'm sure years of peeing regularly has made you quite the marksman." She smirked in anticipation. "Alright, Lori, I'll p-pee inside you." Lincoln stuttered as he unzipped his jeans, preparing for the worst. Read You have to pee! from the story One Direction Preferences! by Niallsbbyxoxo with 1,683 reads. zaynmalik, niallhoran, liampayne. Harry: You were all cuddle.

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