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Apr 10, 2018 · In fact, blue breast veins are fairly common – but that doesn ’t make them any less troublesome, especially from an aesthetic point of view. While varicose veins in the legs and feet occur most often as a result of increased weight-bearing over time, blue breast veins have other causes. Aug 11, 2019 · Breast Enlargement. A woman who undergoes breast enlargement may get blue veins in her breasts as the veins within her skin are pushed outwardly. Liver Disease. Liver disease such as cirrhosis can cause blue veins in various parts of your body.

Oct 06, 2016 · It consists in injecting some sclerosing fluid in the bulging blue veins in the breasts with the help of some very fine needles. Within a few weeks after sclerotherapy the veins will fade away as first the inflammation within the internal walls of the veins will occur, followed by their collapse.Author: Pbgsadmin. Mar 26, 2018 · Blue veins in the legs are common but the same can occur with the breasts too. Naturally, blue veins on the breasts are a lot more disconcerting to a lady, and for that reason there is a higher have to comprehend what might be causing them and how to get right blue veins .

Dark, visible veins are often thought to appear on the legs, arms, and face, but they can also occur on the chest or breast area. Learn more about what may cause visible breast veins and what can be done to reduce their appearance. The Main Cause of Visible Blue Breast Veins. Sep 02, 2010 · Pregnancy Blue veins on breasts are normal. The blue color just means that this is one of your veins that returns blood to the heart after your body has used the oxygen. Red blood is blood that has come into contact with oxygen. When the oxygen is depleted, blood turns blue.

HELP! veins appeared on breasts and other symptoms - worried sick! Follow Posted 4 years ago, 12 This discussion has been locked due to a period of inactivity. Start a new discussion. beck3076. I have got these blue veins which have suddenly appeared on my breasts around the nipple area (one on my left breast is quite prominent) and I have.