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This story covers the year jump between the last two chapters of Little Bat. Selina Gordon is the daughter of Barbara Gordon but for the first ten years of her life she was raised by Harley Quinn. This is how Selina, Barbara . First entry in the Birds of Prey trilogy. This is the origin story for the Birds of Prey team in my DC-Earth. Join Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress as they join together for the first time to stop The Ratcatcher from recreating the Black Plague and wiping out all of Gotham City with one terrible disease Contains brutal violence and gore.

Located: DC Verse Comics > Birds Of Prey Huntress is in thrall to a sinister force. Batgirl and Black Canary go undercover at a prestigious boarding school to save their friend. Bird of prey (yandere Bokuto x reader) Fanfiction. Bokuto, an overly emotional, terrifyingly strong boy with a meticulous, vindictive obsession; you. Rejected stalker; Often out to seek revenge or scare someone who has embarrassed them or rejected their affection. 🚨 blackmai.

The Birds of Prey: Nightwing (Batman Fanfic) Fanfiction. He fell. First going limp then plunged into the darkness and was engulfed by it and my eyes were unable to see where he fell to.My hands groped at the glass my heart was beating sporadically as I clutched Reviews: 4. All lyrics & soundbytes used do not belong to me.This story takes place after the Birds of Prey Series Finale. ReBuilding was a long time ago and was one of the first foray's into FanFic.. I now know you don't put lyrics into stories as they don't relate well down the road.