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senior’s ministry in the local church. As you plan, keep in mind that each senior adult is an individual. What may interest one person may not interest another. One ministry idea won't meet all needs, so be flexible and innovative as you plan your programs and activities. The . This board is for Activities to be used in adult ministry. The board is pinned by members of Forma, a network of formation professionals. You can find out more about.

Young adult ministry groups include high school graduates, college students and those in their 20s. Many are single adults whose primary activities revolve around work or school, but some have young families. Some groups grow in local churches and include a large percentage of members who have family ties and history with the church. Sunday Morning Equipping Hour. The adult Equipping Hour meets at 11:00am to Noon following our regular worship each Sunday in the A.C.E. building next door to the sanctuary. The classes are lecture-based, with often group discussion. Light snacks are provided with coffee and tea.

Featured Activities Plan a mission experience of volunteer service in your own parish and help young adults get to know God through the work of their hands. Read more». As you plan for intentional older adult ministry, keep in mind that every older adult is a unique individual and one ministry idea does not meet all needs. Be sure to identify needs and plan ministry accordingly. Listed below are selected ministry ideas with older adults.

Mar 24, 2010 · Ministry with Youth: Ideas, Activities and Suggestions. Know their names! This recently came up at a meeting to look at youth and young adult ministry in our synod. One young person there was put off by the fact that her pastor didn’t take time to know the names of the youth. Senior adults love and need interaction with their peers in a fun and warm environment. Games can be an important tool in the senior adult ministry of a Baptist church. Games not only entertain, but allow seniors to deepen relationships through fellowship and friendly competition.