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The fully online degree emphasizes adult education and higher education administration with three tracks: higher education, for those seeking careers in staff and administrative positions in colleges and universities; adult education, for those wanting to serve adults outside of a college or university setting; or discipline/instruction, for Author: Staff Writers. Jun 19, 2014 · The 1998 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult program is one of the most important sources of government-funded vocational training for disadvantaged workers—workers with both .

This content is part of California Department of Education's information and media guide about education in the State of California. For similar information on other topics, visit the full CalEdFacts. Adult education provides educational opportunities and services to equip adults with the knowledge. Disadvantaged students are those who have hindrances to excelling in school because of detrimental circumstances beyond their control. These include financial and social hardships as well as problems within students' families. The category also includes students who would not normally be disadvantaged and who have been affected by some sort of natural disaster.

Temporary Part Time - Adult Education Specialist/Instructor. Work location - Washington County. Job responsibilities/Skills Provide targeted instruction services to adult students in disadvantaged populations, using a variety of methodologies and education practices founded on KY Skills U policy. Jul 13, 2004 · SERVING ECONOMIC DISADVANTAGED ADULT POPULATIONS IN COMMUNITY COLLEGES HOLLY MOORE July 13, 2004 Transcription by Professional Reporters, Inc. 800.229.0675 >> MARR: Hello, I'm John Marr, Columbus State Community College, and I would like to welcome you to today's National Dissemination Center's Webcast, Serving Economically -- Economic.