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The Hurricane Directed by Norman Jewison Starring Denzel Washington *** (out of five) Adult Accompaniment-- coarse language IT BEGINS movie about as a movie about boxing and ends up as a parable of the human spirit. X-Rating. When the MPAA first instituted movie ratings, the X rating was deemed necessary for the most adult and controversial of films, like "Midnight Cowboy" and "A Clockwork Orange." Unfortunately, the X rating was the only one that the MPAA neglected to copyright and it was quickly adopted by the burgeoning adult film business in the 1970s.

Movies can receive Adults-Only or Adult-Accompaniment ratings for a number of reasons, although quite often it's due to scenes that are too upsetting for younger viewers. According to a new study Author: Ben Coxworth. Thousands of adult movie and sex toy reviews for your reading pleasure. Find out what the critics and connoisseurs have to say about popular adult DVDs and sex toys before you buy at Adult DVD Empire.

An adult rating is a type of rating that, when applied to a film, video game, or other form of media, restricts its viewing audience to persons aged 18 years or over. The X rating from the MPAA was a famous adult rating, due to it being used by the pornography industry as an advertising gimmick. The Bulgarian film rating system is defined in the Film Industry Act of 2003 and administered by the National Film Rating Committee. A – Recommended for children. B – No age restrictions. C – Not recommended for children under 12. No persons under 12 shall be admitted unless accompanied by an adult. D – Prohibited for persons under 16.

The film rating system has had a number of high-profile critics. Film critic Roger Ebert has called for replacing the NC-17 rating with separate ratings for pornographic and non-pornographic adult film. Ebert argued that the system places too much emphasis on sex, while allowing the portrayal of massive amounts of gruesome violence. The US age-rating body CARA had said kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. The UK age-rating body, however, concluded that the film was fine for unaccompanied kids of all ages.